Sunday, February 7, 2010

Plateau GONE!

It took me 6 weeks to move out of the last 10 pound weight bracket. Then this BAM...I have lost 4.8 in ONE WEEK? WTH?? I have not done anything different this week than ever before. Other than less working out? My foot has been bothering me and with my crazy schedule I have not had time nor energy to bother with Wii fit stuff.

So I have officially lost 41.8 pounds! Now I will admit that sounds like a lot. Finally. And I think people are finally starting to notice. I had a patient walk in on Thursday and ask how long I have worked there? I laughed at her and go, oh 7 just years. And she looked at me and then goes...Oh my! You are my normal girl!? LOL She said, you look different. I said, Yeah, I cut my hair. And then the receptionist yells in, 'tell her the truth, you've lost nearly 40 pounds.'

So even in my baggie scrubs people are starting to see it. Finally. I think I need to go scrub shopping some time too but I just HATE it. I have to order from a catalog and I have no clue what size to get. Will I ever get to the point that I love to shop and try on clothes?? It's always been so depressing and ugly that I have just grown to hate it.

So anyways....YAY ME!!


Shell said...

WOOOO HOOOOO you go girl! Onwards and DOWNwards for you!

You are kicking my ass beyotch *LOL*

I hope to see big losses on my end too -finally got the all clear on Friday for my foot - and I have no trips, retreats etc for the next 6 weeks so should be able to really concentrate on everything!

Susan Catmull said...

Way to go girl,
I too have been on a plateau for the last three months just going up an down a few pounds but finally I moved on down. I'm at 97 lbs lost with 7 to go. Keep up the work it will be soon that you will be running out to go shopping and smiling when trying on smaller sizes than you ever thought possible. Keep up the great work. You continue to inspire me.