Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Storm!!

Finally finally finally. We got snow! WAHOOO!! Hard to really tell how much due to blowing but I'd say more than 8" for sure. It's all light and fluffy! The windy will pick up today and they say 30 mph windy will cause 3-4 foot drifts! AHhhh...this is a MICHIGAN WINTER!! No school today! All but 2 of my patients have cancelled for today. I have a 3 & 4 o'clock and was told I don't have to come in if I don't want to so the jury is still out on whether I want to or not! LOL
My guess is no but we shall see. I might have to make the decision. Those two pts might just cancel on me! Then I won't feel bad about not going in.

Pics to come later. I have NOT ventured out yet. I have been taking pics from the house! I will be going out later today. We are going sledding after Zander's friend gets here. I'll take my little camera with us.

Oh...and guess who's lost even more weight this morning. I'm cooking with gas again!! FINALLY! Feels so good! Have I said yet how PROUD I am of myself? I truly I am. I'm so motivated and loving this journey. I just need to get that exercising thing down better. I will in the spring...promise.

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