Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm Boring

I have come to realize I have an extremely BORING LIFE. This is a recap of my weekend.

Friday night, sat home and counted box tops. Labled the baggies, charted the classroom progress, and pitched the unsual stuff that people THINK are box tops apparently. I do not need old candy wrappers, thanks though!

Saturday, sat in the bleachers watching wrestling, BY MYSELF. I needed some alone time so it was a good thing. Sometimes I get tired of trying to carry on small talk with people who really don't know me. There I said it. Then I came home and sat for about 3 hours curling ribbons for the Middle School Pop-O-grams. To date, I have curled 162 sets of ribbons. Yes, I know I could ask for help and people have offered to help, but let's face it. I don't have time figure out what works best in their schedule and mine so it's just a whole lot easier to do it myself on my own time when I have the time.

Sunday, finished up the lables for the pop-o-grams and worked on finishing touches for Mother-Son dance and Dr. Seuss Box Top party. While watching the superbowl, that is. I'm very good at multi-tasking. I also cleaned out my van, took the monthly baby pictures of Baby Abby, cleaned up dog poop in the yard (well, fine, watched Josh clean up dog poop). The weather was amazing yesterday! I'm ready for spring.

I feel like I really want to take a break. But here's the kicker...I have vacation days to use at work but alas, I can not find a sub to work for me while I take off, so...I have to WORK.
And that leads me to my last gripe...I seriously HATE when people take advantage of me. HATE IT. Just because you know I will do it, you think its ok to do things without asking me that affect my life.'s not ok. It's rude and disrespectful. Just ask! You have to know darn well I will more than likely move around my schedule because I always do but dang NOT ASSUME. whew...that feels good to get that off my chest.


Izzy said...

Feels good to let it all out doesn't it? doesn't sound boring - just busy :) ((hugs))

Amy Jo said...

My life is just as boring. Friday I sat on the couch and watched my DVR shows from Thursday night. Saturday I got my hair cut and then sat on the couch, Sunday I painted a dresser, cleaned the house and then sat on the couch! If I didn't have to get my hair cut on Saturday I would have never left the house all weekend and simply SAT ON THE COUCH!!

Wendy said...

It was a sit on the couch kind of wekend for me too!!!

Izzy is right not boring--Busy work is what we call it! lol