Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playing hooky

I'm going to skip out on a Parent Group meeting tonight to attend another schools fundraiser event. I feel very guilty about doing it but I really want to do this event. So I'm going to do something out of the ordinary and do something for MYSELF for once. I talked to the other officers and they know where I stand on a couple things we are going to vote on tonight and the rest will just have to be what it is. The world will continue to rotate and I will keep breathing. But at the same time it just feels wrong.

Things have been weird for me lately. I personally am fine but friends around me are havig tough times. More than one of them too. So I struggle with what to say or do for them. I guess the best I can do is let them know I am here for them and secretly be thankful it's not me for once. I'm sure having said that, it will come back to haunt me. I'll be ready just in case! LOL

This weekend is super busy. We have an overnight trip for Science Olympiad for my oldest. Then the following weekend I will be in Detroit for wrestling (individuals) state finals. I was asked by one of local papers to cover it. So I get to use my pass and get on the floor! I'll be right back at home with many of the boys that I know from football season. Should be interesting. I'm not as nut-so over wrestling as I am football but I do enjoy it. It helps knowing a lot of the boys personally too.

Wish me luck tonight at the auction/raffle! I hope I win something or find a good bargin! Either way, I'm looking forward to time with adults not children or teens!

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