Thursday, September 13, 2007

Head Cold

I have come down with a terrible head cold. And I am out of my meds for my foot and of course it is right back to killing me again. So I hate to say it but I think they were right. It was/is arthritis. I have a history of it in my family and my grandmother had severe RA at age 45 and was wheelchair bound in a matter of days. (but is now in remission) So I am sorta freaking out a little here. My mom has osteoarthritis which is less severe and not as bad as rheumatoid arthritis. So I guess this is a whine session today. Off to work...I will complain to my coworkers instead of here! LOL

My oldest turns 9 Saturday! So I need to get ready for that and deliver cupcakes to the school classroom friday afternoon. Plus I want to take some pictures while I am there. There is NO FREE time for me yet. I thought maybe I could clean my SB room and reorganize my house. But so far I have done thing but RUN since school started. So I am hoping next week will start my ME time.

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Krystal Hartley said...

I feel you on the head cold. 3 days here so far. Not a happy camper. Sorry to hear about your foot. That can definitely cramp your style. I hope you are able to find a good workaround. Good luck finding your ME time! {hugs!}