Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here's the kit that Krystal Hartley is going to win with! I have the most faith in her. But just to make sure you can share in my joy...go here to vote. To vote you just need to make the $5 purchase for the kit. Well worth the price. And the procedes go to the Texas Animal Shelter. You all know how I feel about animals. No matter what state they are from! So run...go get it and share your creations. I just whipped this out really fast so I could show the colors and some elements. I am not fully functional in Photoshop yet so it takes me awhile to use these kits when I am not using LifeTimez!

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Shell said...

Wow! You in a layout.. in your togs!! You go girl! I have to say too - no mistaking who Z's Dad is - peas in a pod!