Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here's a quick update. Taco Dinner was successful. Sold over $400 worth of food. Next is the Fall Harvest Festival on Sunday. As far as I can tell, I think we are ready! LOL This is my first big event to organize. I had the help of my VP (and dearest friend) so we enjoyed the process. And the support of the other parents has blown me away. We just don't usually get the extra help we need to run events. And I hope that this is the winds of change moving in. We are trying our best this year to invite EVERYONE to join us and make them see it is for the children. We do this for the kids not for ourselves.

Just finished up a box tops contest yesterday and we collected over 6500 boxtops in just 6 weeks of school! I could literally cry, I am so proud of our students. This is huge for us. We have done BT4E for 8 years and we have collected only $7571 since the beginning. I took over in Dec. 2007 and raised $1400 last year. And now we are about to turn in over $650! So yes, I am terribly proud of myself, the children, the parents, the teachers. I think they can see what a HUGE success this program is for our school. And it cracks me up to see the kids go nuts about collecting these things. I have parents/teachers telling me stories about their kids picking out food and products based on whether there is a BT on a product or not! My own kids, as you can imagine, are BT freaks too. I think I have my family members becoming BT freaks too!

Closed a spirit cup fundraiser yesterday too. Totals are not in on those yet but by my best calculations we should have collected over $1000 for that! So we are doing ok. Not super but ok. For not having a clue what I am doing and taking over in a time of such a pitiful economy, I am extremely proud of what we have done so far.
Watch for photos to follow from the fall harvest festival tomorrow!


Wendy said...

We are SO Much BT Freaks too!!

Sounds like you have done a phenomenal job! Keep up the good work and they will ask you to do it Again Next Year!! LOL LOL LOL

Vicki said...

Hi Rach - I've nominated you for an award sweetie. Check out my blog. Mwah!