Friday, October 31, 2008

Kristin Aagard-Freebie

Happy Halloween!! It's one of my favorite holidays today! I love Halloween. The only other holiday that can top it is Thanksgiving! Free food, no gifts to buy...ah....that's what I am talking about. But let's get back to Halloween. My girl Kristin has this rockin freebie on her blog! (Just click on the photo to go to her blog to find it!)

We had a football player and a cowboy at school today. And I do believe they are going as the same thing tonight.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Enjoy this freebie just PLEASE be sure to leave her some love if you take it! It's sad to not say Thank you at the least for all the hard work people do with these freebies they give us!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Oh Rach that's co cute! I think you used everything in the kit! I love it!

I'm going to have one trick or treating frog and one grumpy (just had her vacinations today) butterfly. There will, of course, be some pics! :0)

Thanks for the post!