Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, my feet are anyways...I have teamed up with Stacy Carlson of to be on her Creative Team for the Artisan Notebook Online Magazine publication. My job is to use GP kits to particapate in the calls they put out. It is not a for sure publication either. Just more or less to make sure they have layouts to pick from is how I am understanding it. Well, I couldn't share this one online anyplace until after the magazine came out. I had no clue it was in there until last night! So of course I had to go buy it!
You should too! It's an online magazine so you will just get the link to download it! There are some really cool tutorials in there this time too!
So I can officially say I have been published. Credits of layout are: Summer Heat by Laura Burger. Oh, it looks like it is on sale (25% off) right now too! Its only $4.49!!


Susan Catmull said...

Your amazing. Congrats on the publication. Those feet are gorgeous!!!

Izzy said...

Congrats on your publication... great layout :)