Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ikea or bust

Ikea or bust was our motto! We got there at 9:15am and they didn't open until 10am. But...We had front row parking! C1 to be exact! We sat in the car and I made fun of Amy for talking on the phone, looked at my catalog ONE MORE TIME and then went in at 9:30 to the food area and ate a cinnamon roll. Then stood around waiting for them to let us on the showroom floor. It was so cool. People probably thought we were nuts with all the pictures we (I) was taking. We did one of both us in front of some mirrors, Amy modeling end table, looking at winebottle, looking through a wine rack...See a pattern. Whine or wine? Not sure how to spell it! LOL
Oh and one of Amy talking on the phone while sitting on a round bed! Inside joke happening here in case you haven't figured it out yet. She calls home 25 times over the weekend to my one. Or was it 26? I lost count. LOL

So here's just one photo to get you started.
Credits: Laura Pitman of GottaPixel. net-BeachFun


amy jo said...

Hopefully I find a house soon and then you can take ME to IKEA for some fun and shopping. I can't go at this point because I have absolutely NO room for the many things I would buy while there. I'm so jealous!

I guess I could always go and "just look"....yeah, if that's even possible for me!!

Susan Catmull said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love going to IKEA too. So much inspiration there- I see nothing wrong with taking tons of pictures. But I'm the person who now has all three memory cards full from her camera(wow, that's a lot of pictures)

Amy said...

The one time Rachel called home she had to use my phone because hers was dead and it wasn't 25 times maybe more like 15!

Beth Swann said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. IKEA is a fun place for sure, especially as a scrapbooker!