Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ikea visited

Ok...I did it! My first visit ever. It was pretty cool. I was so good though. I only spent $55. Got a set of sheets($29), a rug ($8), kitchen utensils($2), melting beads for the kids($6), and glass containers($6). Gosh...did I only spend that much on all that?! Took a few pictures but let me just say, we were getting some looks!
Not a colorful as I thought it would be though. I really wanted to get a pair of curtains but I will have to wait until Josh can go with me to see what he likes too.

I saw a totally cool desk that I would love to have too. But...Someday not now.
So I didn't take many pictures. But will post what I did later.


Amy said...

Rachel really spent $455 --don't let her fool you.

RealRach said... this is your first time EVER Commenting on my blog and you did it when you are sitting 2 feet from me...and then to top it off...YOU LIE!

Witch...go make a phone call! LOL

Anonymous said...

What did you say? I was on the phone!

Shelley Moore said...

LOL!!! I am SOOOOOO glad you had a good time. I have never gotten to go to IKEA - there isn't one by me :(

Jan said...

Oh, I LOOOOOVVEEE IKEA!!!! Our school room is like an IKEA showroom.. LOL!!!

Glad you got some bargains!!!

Amy Jo said...

Based on the pics I saw it sounds like a trip to IKEA is in my future! I'm pretty sure I'll spend more then $55 though.... Glad you had a good time!