Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh so busy day...

Well, I spent my whole day running today. Started off at 7:30am and didn't really settle in until almost 8pm. Whew...I'm pooped. I got my first layout down for the Artisan Notebook Requirements. Oh what's that all about you are probably thinking, right.

Well, I was approached by to create layouts using their products for possible publications in an online magazine called Artisan Notebook.
Each month there will be different topics/requests for a style or theme. I am to use a GP designers stuff to create the layout per the guidelines set up by AN. So I did my first one, but I can't post it any place. Sorry. Once I know that I won't picked for the publication, I will post! wink's that for confidence!? The topic this time was a toughy for me. I am not going to tell you what it was but man, just know that I have only ever done ONE layout like this before, really. So I am not holding my breath on this one, ladies. But there will be other chances, right!

I got my fundraisers for fall set up today. Got our plans for the Fall Harvest Festival laid out. Got our Holiday Fundraiser set up too. Ahh...productive day. Feels so good to be on top of stuff. I have a float to build Sunday, then our 5K run/walk fundraiser is next weekend. Plus Z-Man's 10th B-day is the 15th. WHEW...what am I doing sitting at this computer? I need to go to bed and sleep of my day. I ROCK if I do say so myself!! I was a major go getter today! Tomorrow is a day of rest!


Wendy said...

YOU do ROCK!! WOW you got a lot done today!

You are on fire with your digital stuff wouldn't that be the coolest is you got picked for publications, I have my fingers crossed for you

Susan Catmull said...

Wow I'm tired just reading your post. Get some sleep girl.