Monday, September 7, 2009

Two toothless children

Daddy pulled Zander's first. His first "molar" and it has a silver "star" in it. Will see's that his older brother did just fine with his Daddy helping the tooth out so he says, Do mine next. His was more loose than Z's. So with one tiny tug it was out. So I have TWO children going to the first day of School with one less tooth. What a fine day! Ah...tomorrow will come all too soon and I'm more nervous than the boys. They are both very excited and ready to go back to school. Wish I could say the same. I'm gonna miss my boys. How will I ever survive them going off to college? AHhhhh Can't go there. Just going to enjoy what we have NOW!

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Amy Jo said...

I'm so glad the boys did so well this morning! I think this is the year that Zander will really come out of his shell.