Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catch up

So things have been moving along really well for me and then out of no where...bam. I'm having some female issues that need addressed SOON. So I go tomorrow for an ultrasound and then I will know if I am able to have a procedure done or if I have to have a partial removal of said organs. So let's just pray for the minor procedure that is done in office.

Went to Ikea to with my sister and mom. Had a nice time. But I always feel overwhelmed when I am there. There's so much to see and I want it all and can't afford to have what I want! LOL I want a new kitchen, all new furniture, new bedding, new window treatments, new flooring. You see where this is going, right...I want NEW EVERYTHING! LOL

Found everything I wanted for the bridal shower. Got all the gifts for the guests, the favors, and few pieces for display! Ahh...production is good.

Lunch at applebees. Thanks Mom! 7 points for the day so far and it's 5:45...I need to go eat---again!

New kit coming from Kristin. I'm going buggy about it! I haven't been able to work with it yet either. Off to make dinner.

Oh and thanks for the advice last night Shell. I work her a note with the price I need and we shall see what happens. If nothing else, ebay here I come!


Amy Jo said...

Ikea was fun...but as you said overwhelming! I too want EVERYTHING!! I think Don almost fainted when I didn't come home with anything BIG this time.
Good luck today with ultrasound!

Wendy said...

Good Luck today1 I will say a little prayer that everything goes well!


Shell said...

oh crap girlie - how did it go yesterday???

and yayy to IKEA - I nkow what you mean - I am going there today for just a couple of things.. yeah right!! famous last words