Tuesday, March 30, 2010

National news

So yeah...my little area has made national news. Ugh...nice. In the even tinier town next to me, is where the family lives who is making national news about the 'militia family'. And then the last son was picked up in the tiny town on the OTHER side of my town. Again, Nice. For pete's sake, what is wrong with all these hick country unemployed people around me. Bored? And the reason I used those adjectives is because Lenawee county has the highest unployment rate in the state. So I guess we have too much time on our hands and why not plot to kill someone and cause massive distruction at their funeral. Seriously folks, you give the rest of us a bad name. Or a worse name, I mean. I have had people ask me if I was worried, scared, etc....the answer is no more than another normal day. I mean we take extra precautions but we have been for a few years. So, no, I am not worried. It is what is. I guess you can't stop them if they really want to do something. I live with the comfort that when I do die, I am going to a better place anyways. So there you have it...I'm safe and sound and doing fine. Just living less than 10 miles from crazy people but hey...I don't really notice! I kinda blend in...

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