Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taking a brief break

Look where we are heading for the night. Trying to get in one last thing before school starts. Tomorrow is the school open house. Thursday work. Friday rest, saturday rest, Sunday wedding. Monday proof pictures & holiday. Tuesday School starts & working, Wednesday Pack for expo, Thursday Drive to Indy, Friday Expo, Saturday Expo, Sunday drive home.

Sooo as you can see...I need a small break!


Wendy said...

We have been wanting to go to Great Wolf, let me know how much fun you all had.

I still want to know what you bought at the expo! Spill IT!

Izzy said...

Sounds like you've been a very busy lady the last few days! Glad to hear the expo was good, hope the foot/ankle didn't cause too much trouble. Take a break! You've got a busy time ahead ;)
Love the layout of you & Bev too!

Jan said...

Have a safe, fun holiday weekend!!