Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oh my word....this is my 1000th post on my blog!? Dang...That's amazing! heehee

So let's see...what can be so news worthy?? How about...I'm in a rotten mood today! LOL I'm super stressed out over life right now and I feel like I have too much to do and don't even know where to start. We have a city wide garage sale this Fri/Sat and I have no clue where to start to get ready. We have some things stashed out in the garage and in the basement but nothing is marked. I am thinking I will just mark it as I put it out? I don't know??? Maybe when Josh gets home tonight we can spend some time in the garage figuring it out.

I have to get my stuff around for California next weekend. That won't take too long so that's not really an issue, I guess. I just want to get this garage sale stuff around. I have ONE TOTE left of scrapbooking stuff and it will be gone or burnt! I'm sick of looking at and it will NOT be coming back in this house!

I did get my grandma's yardwork done yesterday so that's one less stressful event off my list.

I have to back up my EHD. I have a few kits waiting to be put on discs and I wanted it done BEFORE Cali just in case something bad happens to my EDH while going out there. UGH...

My house is a pig hole from all the garage sale crap setting around. Some stuff is ebay, some is Garage sale. UGH...I want this over with! LOL

So my 1000th post will go down in history as a b***h session! ahh...feels good to get that off my chest! LOL


Amy Jo said...

I wish I could return the favor and help you out like you did for me!! At least the stuff I'm sending down is already marked! Do you need any stickers or anything? We have some left.

Wendy said...

Well Congrats on your 1000 post!
Everyone is entitled to a little B^*#@h session, I am jealous about CA still.

My word for this month has been RELAX!! Try it you'll like it!