Monday, July 20, 2009

VOTE!!! ---Kristin's Peeps

Ok! The polls are open!! Feel free to click the dot for Kristin's Peeps if you heart so wishes! LOL
you have to be registered to do so remember! ANYONE can register!! HINT HINT amy, mom! Kidding...sorta!

Here's a link to the original post too. Just click on FAVORITE DESIGN TEAM>Look for Kristin's Peeps>click the bubble>click VOTE.

Remember you will have to sign up at the site to vote. It takes just a few minutes to complete teh process. And I will love you forever if you do! heehee


Amy Jo said...

I voted.......and I did NOT have to register to do so :) Good Luck.

P.S. I even tried to vote more then once but it would not allow it :(

Shaw229 said...

I also voted. Mom

Cheryl said...

Girl, you are always so sweet to come by and visit me. You know I got MAD LUV for ya . . . LOVE your LO for Kristin . . . it does feel weird to have all my friends on opposing teams. It's like we should all be on the same side, right? LOL!

Hope you have a FAB week and I'll chat with you soon!

BTW, do you have a FACEBOOK? If so, hunt me up and add me as a friend. Bye girlie!