Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life info

My MIL had her reconstruction surgery yesterday. According to FIL all went well. The boys are asking to go see her...jury still out on that one. Not sure they need to see her while she's miserable. Especially after the emotions that surface during her removal surgery with my oldest. So what's Mommy to do?? Let him go or just wait until she comes home on Th or Fri? Help me?!

Today is my Nephew Jackson's Birthday and also the day Josh's Aunt passed away 13 years ago. I can't begin to tell you how much I loved that lady. She was soooo awesome. Truly. I know she wasn't really related to me but I loved as my own Aunt. Just as I do her whole family. We are just blessed to have had her in our life for as long as we did. The month of July is a horrible month for me. We lost Josh's dad in July 14 years ago at the age of 47. Same age his Aunt was too. Both died from the same thing almost a year apart. ugh...Therapy much?! Tomorrow is my Grandma's Bday! LOL got a day a head of myself someplace?! Sorry!

I'm on vacation this week and I have NO MOTIVATION to do anything. I had all these big plans on what I wanted to do and I never got dressed yesterday. And I have not desire to move today. What's wrong with me? I must go to town today to get...oh I forgot...I can't tell you what yet. Sine (zina) would kill me! LOL I have to remember you don't say it like Sign...lol After a year of doing it, it's hard to break! LOL

We talked about going to Michigan Adventure this weekend but I just don't want too? What's wrong with me? I suggested we go to Warren Dunes...Josh doesn't want too. Kids want to go to the zoo. I would do that! ugh...need some motivation and energy.

I have dear (online) friends going thru some personal stress at the moment and I really think its bothering me more than I think. So you know who you are...This to shall pass. XO And note to self: you can't do anything about it so move on...

I need to mow here, apparently out at my grandma's too and I just do not want too. But I must. Off to walk on the treadmill, shower, go to town, get groceries, go to staples, Tshirt for Will to tie-dye, then home to mow. And I have to be home in time to watch Michael Jackson's funeral. That's history in the making baby! He rocked. I grew up on him. Didn't approve of his actions but you can't deny he had talent. And his sister makes me melt too...love me some Janet!


Amy Jo said...

First off....Grandma's birthday is tomorrow not today! Silly!

Secondly....Whoot Whoot to walking on the treadmill! I'm proud of you!

Thirdly....Grandma went home yesterday so if you go to mow, she will be there!

Fourth....I'm hoping to watch MJ funeral today at work. And as you know, I'm madly in love with janet (considering I haver her tattoo on my back...hehe)

Fifth....I hope MIL is feeling better soon. I'm not sure it's a good idea to take the kids yet. Maybe by the end of the week or they weekend would be better. The first couple days are going to be the worst for her.

Izzy said...

((hugs)) I hope that you'll find the energy & motivation to enjoy your vacation this week... no matter what you decide to do.

Wendy said...

See you should have called your sis, she will keep you straight!

If you don't feel like doin anything, don't do anything!

The Lazy police aren't on duty this week!