Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Gripe

I'm just gonna say this over and over since we can't say it about the school parties

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Happy Halloween happy halloween HaPpY hAlLoWeEn
Happy flipping Halloween. What's so wrong with saying Happy Halloween? I love love love this holiday. It's right up there with Christmas for me. It might even be higher? But then nothing could top Thanksgiving for me. I was born on Thansgiving Day and it's my FAV Holiday EVER! No gifts, lots of food, and family. Nothing better! Well ok fine, I get some gifts! LOL

Our theme this year is animals. Will's classroom is doing Old MacVarney's Farm. I made face masks for all the students to hold up and they are going to hold on to twine to show them in a pen on the farm. The teacher is the farmer! I love it!

Zander is going to be the Cymbal Monkey. You know, red striped pants, yellow shirt, fez hat and cymbal with a HUGE SMILE! LOL Nana made it for us. It's so cool. Can't wait to get pictures of him in it! to work...blah...


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HAPPY HALLOWEEN BACK!!! Trick or Treat? You decide!