Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skinny Jeans Challenge

So, I signed up for the Skinny Jeans Challenge over at SweetShoppeDesigns. Ironic, no? Sweet Shoppe and weight loss contest! Anywho...There's some prizes to be won so I figure, why not.

And a few of you are probably smiling or even laughing to yourself. You know my little secret and you know I can win this! If I'm doing it already, I might as well get paid to do it! (yes, I'm that cocky that I will win) heehee Who wouldn't love to win some digi supplies. I know I would! Secretly, I bet it will be all Krystal Hartley stuff! heehee just my luck! MWAHAHAHA well guess that's not a secret anymore. Me and my big mouth.

It runs Oct 25th thru Dec 30th. Based on Percentage of weight loss. Winner gets $40 towards the Sweet Shoppe Store!! Oh yeah! Only bad part...I have to share pictures to be entered in the random $50 drawing. UGH...Gag...puke...please no. But alas, I will do it. It might be a fun journey in a few years to see where I started. Or maybe not?!


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Amy Jo said...

YOU CAN DO IT......Whoot Whoot

Susan Catmull said...

You go girl.
Too bad they started this so late I might have given you a run for your money. I've lost 91 lbs as of now. I still have 15 to go, but it can be done and I'm proof.

Susan Catmull said...
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