Saturday, October 17, 2009

This one's for the Girls- Krystal Hartley collab

This one is a tear jerker for me. It was, and still is, a very emotional time for us. But as many of you know, our way to get through life is to laugh. Even in the worst times, we will find a way to laugh about it. So this was our attempt at making light of a terrible, rotten event. I adore my MIL more than most will ever know. We do a LOT together since my own mother is not near me anymore. She has sorta filled in the void left my mom having to move away. I still talk to my own mom a lot but there just something about jumping in the car and going shopping or going for a walk or just hanging out. I don't know what I would have done if the outcome hadn't been so good for us in the end. We are NOT at the end of this journey yet but we are smiling and enjoying life along the way. She's getting better all the time and she's here! What more could we ask for? So this one for my Mother-in-law whom I simply call, Mom! She's the best and I love her as much as my own mom.

oh yeah...the kit! LOL It's available at Sweet Shoppe Designs today for 20% off. It's called This One's for the Girls! How cute is that name! So hurry. If you know anyone with Breast Cancer or simply want to have an awesome PINK kit, this one will make you very happy. The bra alone makes it worth buying! heehee I see a totally different layout coming from that, right Shell and Bev! LOL hahaha "the Grab" is going to happen again, I am sure! *snicker


Izzy said...

Fabulous layout Rach!

Bev Stewart said...

very nice layout - and can't wait for the next "grab" layout. hee hee