Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Memories-Jennifer Fox & WW info

So I finally got around to doing something for my CT's. Yeah, I suck lately. Just been beyond busy. Finally took some ME time. So to speak. It was for them actually but I enjoyed it!
Kit: Jennifer Fox and Amanda Heimann-Fall Frolic
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So...I have done something that is so totally out of my comfort zone. I talked about it in an early post but it really happened. I joined this "challenge" called Skinny Jeans. I had to take pictures of myself and post them (including my starting weight-ACK). Thank GOD it's in a private forum. Talk about humilating. But at the same's going to be sooo cool to look back and see the progress. I have to take WEEKLY photos on Sundays. I will NOT be sharing them on my blog for personal reasons. I know I'm fat and I don't need to share that with the world! heehee I will also let you all in a tiny little secret. I started Weight Watchers on Sept. 28th. As of this morning I have lost 17 pounds. I'm in total shock. I was not going to share this with the world in the beginning because I was not sure if I was going actually stick with it. I am not proud of what has happened to me over the years and I had a lots of inspiration from many around me lately and felt I was ready. So with the help of my little sister, Amy Jo, I made my move. I joined. My sister surprised me with a little gift last week. Some books to carry in my purse to help me with the points. I really think it was because she was sick of me calling her before every meal asking how many points such and such was! LOL But no matter what the reason she did, THANK YOU!
I also have a little bet with dear Kiwi. So I am surrounded by inspiration, motivation, and determination. I am not going to look like I currently do at my sister's biggest day of her life. I couldn't do that to her or me. I know she wouldn't have cared one bit what I looked like but in the end, I would. And I am sick of feeling like crap. I'm turning 39 on Turkey Day and I do not want to enter my 40's looking like I do. So I figured I better get to work. Susan C. has recently gone through a life change recently and I figure if she can, I can too. I admired her for doing it from a far and now it's high time I tell her...THANK YOU for inspiring me! I'm very proud of you!!
My weigh in days are Tuesdays for my WW. I have been sending out emails with my progress but I can share here now. I have a little ticker on my blog so you can keep tabs on me if you want! Who knows if I will ever reach my "GOAL" weight but hey, I wanna try! I don't think I weighed the "goal" even in high school so I'm not really sure how this will play out but I will not let that stop me from trying. I'm already lighter than I was so as far as I can tell, I'm already a winner.


Amy Jo said...

I've said it like a million times already, but I am SO proud of you! And just so you know....I actually liked when you would call me to ask points or meal advice. It might be the first time in my life that "I" am helping "YOU" tends to be the other way around most of the time with me needing my big sister's help for everything!

And I hope you know that your body image would not have made my wedding day any less special. I love everything about are the most precious thing in my life and I just want you to be happy and healthy.

Keep up the good work!!

Shell said...

you rock RACH!! even though you are kicking my kiwi arse at the moment *LOL*...

I just know already you will feel it and look it... and only a couple of measly pounds for you and already you are down to a double digit of lbs to lose! GO GIRL!! :-D

last week was a bit of a hurdle for me... started off okay.. finished off (imagine noises being made with tongue)

today is another day!!