Wednesday, August 5, 2009

California or bust!

Well, this will probably be the last post from Michigan!! Wahoo!!! I'm so excited. I refuse to let my mind wander to much about as I feel sorta bad that my family and friends are not coming along (other than Bev!) but darn it...I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty darn excited about this trip. For many reasons. The first, is to see Shell again! It's been too long. I'm so looking forward to lots of laughs and goofy photos! Second, Dying to do nothing but scrapbook for two days! Third, Looking forward to seeing the ocean! Forth, umm...can't tell you the 4th reason. Only 2 people know about the 4th reason! LOL Just know it will all be revealed very soon. You will know instantly what reason #4 is once you see the photos! heehee I can't stop smiling! Gotta get #4 packed so I don't forget it! That would be horrible! You know who you are...and I love you for letting me do it! THANK YOU! hahahahaha

oh...the fifth reason...FRAN! I have a cyber friend who lives in San Jose (another one!~) and I have her Phone number and I am hoping to meet with her even if its only for 5 minutes to just say hey and give her a big ole hug! I hope she's ok with hugging! I adore this woman so much. She super funny and we had a heck of a time picking on each other while we were on a CT together. I truly hope we can hook up.
Sixth reason...BEV! We have the BEST TIME no matter where we go or what we do. I can't begin to explain how well we get along and how we just mesh together. She's the best roommate in the world and we laugh about anything and everything. I can't wait!!!

For those of you left will be there in spirit! I promise to do something special for you while I'm there! heehee Like have a diet coke, chocolate, or maybe even something a little bit Stronger?! Hmmm...should I?
See you all on TUESDAY or maybe before if I have good internet connections at the retreat!


As good as it Gets! said...

Excuse me #7 You get to see me too!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...


I am GREEN (pun intended) with envy

Have a great time, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve (HA HA)

Post SOON!

Amy Jo said...

I'm so jealous...not so much about the scrapbooking part (since I don't scrapbook) but the part about getting out of town, relaxing, hanging out with friends and laughing until you pee your pants (or almost).

Are you sure you don't want your little sis to go with you...I'm a lot of fun and I'm sure your friends would love me!!!

Have a wonderful time and a safe trip...and yes, I think you should have something "a little bit stronger"...LOL

Shell said...

OK I think Cali is ready.. I have warned the police, the sherriffs, the military etc etc *LOL*

AmyJo.. I will put some Depends in Rach's bag.. in case she does pee her pants

Wendy... get on a damn plane and JUST COME you only live once!!

Izzy said...

have a blast! wish I was there too!

Jan said...

Have fun!!! Give everyone hugs for me!!

Meredith said...

Sounds like you had a well-deserved good time!