Friday, August 14, 2009


ok...I'm so messed up on my sleep schedule! LOL I did manage to catch up this morning. Slept in until 10:30am Yes folks...that's right. I think I might have made it back to my normal amount required to keep me going! Finally! I feel asleep at work yesterday!! No Joke. Just for a split second and hit my head on the counter. I was sitting down with my head on my hand/arm and out I went! LOL

I am up to page 38 with the vacation book for Aunt Barb. I hope she loves it. I am finally at the half way point so that's good!! I feel like I'm running out of creativity and they are all looking the same.
I finally talked to my mom yesterday and she said she throughly enjoyed the adventures of Flat Shelley! LOL Glad to know that it made others happy. I thought maybe it was only my warped sense of humor that found it side splitting funny! I said at one point...if this is still funny in the morning then I will post it. And it was! LOL Still is! hahaha This just might have to become a standard event for me! Taking different people with me to fun locations. Who's next??

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