Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flat Shelley Retired

Or is it just TIRED? Took 142ish pictures of Flat Shelley's adventures and have 962 other photos to sort through. I am missing some so that number will go up. So you will soon be able to see the photos of Flat Shelley's trip. Going to upload them to something today. Lots of them might need an explanation but others are totally a NUFF SAID moment!

Whew...I'm dead tired STILL!


Shell said...

come back.. i misss you!!!!

I have had a look around everywhere and I can't see the cord - so it must be in Bev's stuff?

Will get the other pics to you today!

and yes I am T I R E D still too!

Betsey Terry said...

it was fun looking at Flat Shelley's antics again.
Miss you tons!

Shelley Moore said...

I just can NEVER thank you enough, Rachel! You'll never know just how absolutely DELIGHTED and all warm and fuzzy I am inside .. I am just ... well, I'm just speechless. That is absolutely the most thoughtful and wonderful thing anyone has ever done, and it came just at the time I needed it most! I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world to have a dear friend like you! And Shell, Bev, and even naughty Val and Betsey! LOL... Heck - MIKE even got in on the action! I am just in AWE... You really truly are MY HERO, Rachel! Love you!!!

Izzy said...

That's one heck of an adventure for Shelley! love all the photos, looks like a wonderful time!