Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moving on...

This post will be a couple Moving on things:

1. Tigers are moving on in the playoffs! WHOOT!! 42-41 win in double overtime!!! Victory is so sweet!
2. Moving on with the weight loss! I finally broke another tough battle. I had been at tiny little stand still of sorts. Losing just one pound/week over the past two weeks and this week I did 2.8!! Whoot! Well for my Skinny Jeans contest anyways. My True weigh in day for WW isn't until Tuesday. But hey, I'll take it!
3. I have been MOVING! I went 5 out of 7 days with some form of exercising!!

So there you have it! The word for today is MOVING!! See that little ticker down there on the left side of the ole blog? It now reads 23.6 pounds lost!! It's moving!!!

What's your word for the day?!


Shaw229 said...

We won 42 - 41 in OT not 42 - 14 MOM

RealRach said...

Darn dislexia!! LOL Thanks mom! I fixed it!!!

Wendy said...

My word for today is ....peace....
I have not had peace this weekend, but I'm trying to start my week off on a better note.

Heres to a good week!!

elisa said...

my word for the day is tired. LOL.
congrats on the weight loss!