Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Red Letter Day!

Can I have your attention, please for a special announcement: I just fit into the next size down pants!! WHOOOT!! I'm wearing them today just because I can! So I'm dressing up ladies! They are my most favorite pair of dress slacks. I have not fit into them for probably 2 years. This is a red letter day for me mentally. I have been sorta whining alot lately that I was shocked I had not dropped a size yet with having lost 18 pounds. Well, folks, my Dearest Hubby and best friend of all times tells me like it is all the time and this was no exception. He says, " but you have to remember, you probably should have been in the next size up so its just going to take you longer." Yes folks, that is why I love this man! He's honest with me and keeps me inline. He is totally supportive of this lifestyle change and I can't thank him enough. I couldn't have gotten this far without the support of my family and friends. So this one's for you! CHEERS!!!


Amy Jo said...

OH MY FREAKING GOSH.......(yes, that's me yelling with excitement)!! Kudos to you girl...

I can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!! I bet you will have dropped another size by then. I better pick up my pace, I can't keep up with you!! Can you say...ROCKSTAR!!!

Susan Catmull said...

You are sooooo awesome. That feeling is great to fit into old skinny clothes. Just wait until you can get rid of ALL your old clothes. Pretty soon you will love going shopping and trying on and fitting into the sizes you never believed you'd see again.

Shell said...

hmm now let me see which is cooler

your new blog header...

the comment Josh made... that nearly made me pee my pants laughing... you gotta love a man and their roundabout compliments

or you. Dropping a whole size.


YEP ITS YOU!!!! you bloody rock... My chest is swelling with pride!!!!

ya biznatch... stop beating my arse *lol*

Amy Jo said...

I love that Shell said "You bloody rock" cute!

RealRach said... you see why i love her so! She's a stitch!! And super giving, caring, fun, wonderful hostess, has a killer accent, cooks a mean hamburger!, and just generally makes me smile!

Krystal Hartley said...

I am rolling at the "next size up" comment! Tears, woman!!

You are inspiring me!!