Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's weigh in day! Dropped 1.8 from last weeks numbers. I'll take it! But...up a pound from sunday?? Must have had too much salt! LOL I can't give it up! But I'm still down so all is well. As of today, 22.6 or 23.6 depending on which day I use, is enough to make me smile! I want to be down 25 by my Birthday. I think I will make it! I have 9 days. I am using the treadmill more too. Hate it but I am doing it. I have parent group meeting tonight and it better be fast so I can get home to watch Biggest Loser. I need my weekly motivation!

Off to get groceries today, hair cut, and try on some pants. I don't even need to unbutton my jeans to take them off and on now. Probably not a good idea to wear them like that...I'm not into the pants half falling off look. Not my style. Makes me a little sad as I just bought these jeans just before I started WW and I love them. I need to find them in a size smaller. hmmm...Kohl's here I come! I don't like the idea of buying new right now but I need ONE PAIR that will stay on while I am out and about.


Amy Jo said...

Congrats on your loss and also on the new pant size....yippee!

BTW ~ Biggest Loser doesn't start until 8:30 tonight.

Shell said...

I was about to comment on this one when I saw the next post.

I am off swimming in a bit... I think I will be down a little for tomorrows weigh in - pinkies toes and eyes crossed!!

Lisa F said...

Hey Rach!! You're lookin' GREAT!
Congrats and I love your "New Doo".
(I lurk a lot but had to say HI.)
Take care,