Thursday, April 15, 2010

Banner for Fundraiser

The banner I ordered from VistaPrint came today! For the price, I am thrilled with it! It was "free" but you know how that goes...$10 to ship it. So for $10, I say we will get our moneys worth out of it for sure. I think it will look really official when we do his fundraiser event(s). I'm working my tail off trying to get his fundraiser organized and find donations for the bake sale plus my sisters Bridal Shower is next Saturday. Ahhh....when it rains it pours. I feel like I am not ready for the shower but I know that if I had go with what I have done it will still be perfect. I just had/have so many ideas burning a hole in my brain...literally. I still have to have that hole in my scalp looked at but I just can't seem to find the time to get to the Drs. It doesn't hurt but it keeps seeping and oozing. ugh...It won't really make a difference if I lose a little gray matter anyways. I'm only working with 1/100th of it anyways.
So to say I am extremly busy/running ragged is an understatement.
I got back to the drs tomorrow morning for a recheck from my surgery. And Josh has his Sinus surgery at 11am tomorrow. So we will just hang out all day at the hospital. Not looking forward to the after-effects of this surgery for him tomorrow. Fixing a deviated septum and removing polyps in the nose. OUCH! They say he will look like he got hit my semi. I'll have pics, don't worry!

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Shell said...

ooh poor old Josh, hope he is feeling better soon and it will be nice to breathe properly again!

Mike had a similar surgery years ago - after having broken his nose 8 or 9 times... boy its amazing how much the nose can swell - after someone is up there having a drill!