Sunday, April 25, 2010

Krystal Hartley Stuff

Totally and completely love this picture of Amy Jo and I that was taken at her shower yesterday. We don't take many pictures together but I guess we don't need to when they turn out like this! It lasts a long time in the heart! I sooo hated wearing my dress at the shower. I felt like a fat cow. UGH...Only I could lose over 50# and still feel fat. I just hate wearing a dress. So uncomfortable in them. Anywho...back to the layout. I did this for tomorrow challenge on KH Team blog! Watch for it!


Amy Jo said...

If I were within arms reach of you I would totally slap you....You looked AhhhMazing in that dress!! You need to stop being so critical of yourself and start seeing what other people see. I've never seen you look so gorgeous (well, maybe your wedding day).

And I agree....this picture of us is great! We sure are a good looking family...hahaha!!

Thanks again for such an amazing shower. You truly are an incredible sister and I'm so lucky :)

RealRach said...

How do I stop being critical...I am still extremely overweight and feel like a fat cow. At least I am not in denial! LOL RIGHT! I'm well aware of my physical appearance. It follows me everywhere! Until you have walked in my FlipFlops...don't judge me skinny sister!

Meredith said...

rofl @ "walk in my flipflops"

Rach, I love ya! But I am gonna smack you, too! You look FABULOUS in that dress! And the better you feel about it, the better you will look! Be confident. You are amazing and beautiful! And you are inspiring so many ladies to do better and be better. And the way to stop being critical is to look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I'm the best me I can be today" and just do it. You are making remarkable progress and you just need to remember that it happens one day and one decision at a time. Rach, you're one of my best digi friends and I love ya to death! All of you!