Monday, April 19, 2010

WM Sqaured CT

Look where I will be hanging out for the next 6 months! I was going to cut back on my CT's and then low and behold...I do the opposite. Should be fun. I think I just needed a small change? I don't know what I want/need some days. I have to get organized for sure. And I feel like am on the road to keeping it all going again. I do my best work when I am pressured and stressed! LOL And I know my girl Meredith will give me a free pass if I need it. She's just good like that~ ♥U Mere!!
So you will now see me working for Krystal, Kristin, Ettes, Libby, and now Wendy - WM2. And of course, Meredith!
So you are looking for a nice place to hang out....come join us at ScrapMatters! I'll be playing around there and at SweetShoppeDesigns. So if you need me, you know where to look!

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Izzy said...

Congrats! can't wait to see what you create :)