Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gift Card

Sorry...I have to keep sharing these. This is my last one I needed to make. So I won't bore you much longer with them! LOL But you have to admit they are super cute and functional!
I am thinking about taking these into the school today and seeing if anyone would like any. $1 for each sound ok?? I am not going to have to do much other than print them off. I am not going to personalize. Just leave the area for the name blank so they can write it in themselves. Can I even do this?? Not sure? I never know what is OK to do with Digi kit stuff. Not sure if I can profit from it or not? If not, speak up. Please.

Credits: Freebies by include: Pink/green dot paper, Striped paper, Glitter Frame, Glitter Flake, Button.

Krystal Hartley items: Green paper, Circle Stitches, Clear Flower, Heart with wings, Pink paper, Blue Paper.


Amy Jo said...

Very cute. Love the pink!

ashli wolf said...

girl..these are SOOO cute..I say $1.95 :) go for it! they RocK! ash

Jan said...

SOOO stinkin' cute!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!