Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hot Lunch

Zander has been cold lunch (lunch from home) since Kindergarten. He is in the 3rd grade mine you...He shocked me one day when he said he wanted to be hot lunch! They were having Pizza and he said he would TRY IT! So I had to take his picture. Luckily I was there working lunchroom so I ran to get my camera and snapped these real quick. They are the best pictures but I have proof he was hot lunch!
Credit: Papers by Summer Simmons, Oriental handbag...see post a few below for link.
Frame work & ribbons: Shandy Vogt Design


Shelley Moore said...

Love the colors Rach! I wish my kids would do cold lunch! LOL, but they are die hard hot-lunchers, LOL!

ashli wolf said...

rach...I just LOVE you...please tell me you didn't follow your child to school that day JUST to take a pic... :) I'm kidding..I am LOVING this!!! all the stuff that you got with your gift ROCKS...SOO cute! See, I can get away with stuff like that..hunter walking down the hall, hunter checking her shoes for St. Nick, hunter taking a potty break... because I teach across from her classroom...don't fret though..there are moms that always ask me to take pics of their kids in the groove of the school day and I am happy to oblige! have a HAPPY new YEAR! xoxo..ash