Friday, December 28, 2007

Thank you Hero!

I got these paper packs at Polkadotpotato with my Design Team Gift!

Summer Simmons: Oriental Handbag
Summer Simmons: Turquoise Memoirs

and I have bookmarked a few other of her paper packs. I have a feeling they will coordinate nicely with your stuff!

So THANK YOU for my gift! You are too kind. May God Bless You Always!


ashli wolf said...

oh that stuff...I have been placing stuff in my basket and taking it out..there is just SO much awesome goodiez..I can't chose :) you got some ROCKIN' stuff! I think you made my choice for me now! later sis! love it..and can't WAIT to see what you are going to dream up with..i will go SUPERB with her goodz....tata..ash

Krystal Hartley said...

Wow! Those are awesome papers!! I promise I'm going to have more stuff for you girls soon (that's a relative term though). Trying to iron out my design priorities...looking frequently at Rach's wish list. :)