Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy again...still?!

So this weekend was a blur...Friday was the last day of school and we moved right into the graduation mode shortly thereafter. Had a cousin Graduating this weekend with an open house on Saturday night. So I have been very busy with helping out with that. I have not even opened up photoshop in a few days. Today was the actual Graduation and then we went to my Inlaws to work on/in the garden. We planted pinto beans and watermelon today! Great combo huh!?

Josh has been super busy too so I haven't seen him much this past week/month/year?! LOL BUT....Tomorrow is a new day and I HOPE we can finally just 'lay low'. We have the Memorial Day Parade that will go past my house this year for a total of 3-4 minutes! LOL It's super short as always. The vets, HS band, some bike riders, and the fire trucks. No candy. My house is just up the road from the cemetery so by the time they get to us, they are always OUT.

so this whole weekend has really got me thinking about my own sons. It's amazing how fast this time goes. My oldest is officially in his last year at the elementary school and it off to Middle school which means...3 years later, HS? WHAT?! Ok so I know it's like 4 year away but still. In just 5 years we are here at the current state of affairs! So that's like no time at all! LOL

I just pray my boys will continue to hold education as a high priority. We are always enforcing the need for learning. It's vital for a successful future. It's been proven time and time again. I just pray they continue down this current path. I am so proud of my sons and seeing my little cousin graduate today really got me thinking about this...we can only do so much for them and then there comes a time when they have to spread their wings and fly. Will I have given them enough love, encouragement, faith, hope, praise, knowledge, trust to see them into the future? whew. That's deep.

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