Saturday, May 9, 2009

Not stopping...

I am just coming up for air here. Oh my goodness...what a rush. I worked all day home about 7:45pm, didn't even eat dinner. Bathes, checked homework, computer time, bed. Back up at 6am. At the school at 7:30 AM left the school at 9:40 PM! NO JOKE. In the middle somewhere, I ran home to get my camera to drive to Adrian to check on the church for today's wedding but the rest of the time was devoted to the school. I took an hour and half leave from the grounds. Can you say SORE FEET. I am sooo sore. I switched to Tennis shoes in the late afternoon but it didn't help. FUN NIGHT was a blast! Its soooo much work though. And the parent volunteer levels were almost non-existant. SAD. Those that give their time give it 200% and those that don't DON'T. So I think they will have a rude awakening next year when there is NO FUN NIGHT. We are going to focus or effort on other things for the kids and try to push the fund raising early in the year instead. You just can't pull off something of this size with 9 parent volunteers in a school with 400 students. If we didn't have the National Honor Society Students from the HS we would have been lost. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to those students. And to those few parent who donated time, THANK YOU. And to the staff that helped, donated items....THANK YOU TOO!

I have a similar day today. I have a wedding to shoot today at 2pm. I hope I have enough energy to pull it off smoothly. And that I can actually walk by then. I am not legs, feet hurt so bad from standing ALL DAY. Whew...I'm used to sitting and cleaning teeth! LOL

I have some really cute kits to work with once I catch a break. Krystal Hartley and Kristin Aagard BOTH released an alien type kit this week! FUNNY! Must be the HOT TREND of the week?! Meredith has a super cute melon mini kit coming up. And then not to mention all those great FREEBIES over at DSA! whoot!

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Wendy said...

WOO You do know how I feel, we have that problem at our church it is always the same 8 people doing all the work. Glad everything worked out, now rest and put your feet up!