Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drowning in responsiblity

oh dear....I feel like I am spinning out of control with responsibilities. It's time to do something about that issue. I am going to have to step down from a couple of my CT's. I just can't possibly keep up this pace. I look back at the past few weeks and I have no clue how I did it. Well yes I do, you can't see my house. LOL's in dire need of some attention. So I am going to put a few names in a hat see what happens. I have few changes in some current CT's coming up that are going to require more of a commitment than I was required to do. Peta Boardman is making a huge move to ScrapbookGraphics...She's gonna be a studio girl!!! So I really want to focus on getting her up and running. And few friends of mine are taking off with their designs as well and I need to be there for them too. to think.


Wendy said...

Hang in there Friday is Coming!
Buit that won't help will it? Sorry Love and Hugs to ya! Hope you can work it all out!

Amy Jo said...

"I look back at the past few weeks and I have no clue how I did it."

Well, Rach....I don't know how you did it either! But, the fact is YOU DID and that's all that matters. You accomplished what needed to be accomplished and that is commendable. (spelling?)


Jan said...

I'm sure that's a difficult decision. Sometimes we have to make those.

Good luck!!!!