Monday, June 29, 2009

38 days

So yeah...I hate to even post this because I know I will get HATE MAIL from a few people...but...38 more days before I leave for Cali!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! Dudes and dudettes, you must know, I am totally excited for this mini trip. I can hardly wait. Again, I know some of you don't want to hear it but I can't hardly keep it to myself right now. I so need to see my girl Shell again. I wish a few others would be there...shelley, wendy, betsey. I would love to see you too. I have made a promise to Shelley that we will get together within a years time too. Just have to get the finances around. Maybe when I hit the jackpot? Not sure what jackpot but there has to be something out there for me, huh?! LOL So do be a hater...but tell me how much you are jealous of me! Make me feel good! heehee


Wendy said...

OK So ya I hate Ya! but I love that you get to go! Just make sure that ya'll remember us poor souls that can't make it and have the Best Time!

Shell said...

Woo hoo.. not long now - and it is going to FLY BY!

Wendy we will take lots of pics.. maybe we will even have a Flat Wendy!!!