Monday, June 15, 2009

Nascar aahhhhhh

So! We went to our very first Nascar Race yesterday. WOW! It was so awesome. My Sister and I sat together and then Josh, Zander & Our soon to be Nephew(cousin) sat in another section together. My sister has never shown an interest in it but went for Zander. I *think* I might have got her hooked in a little! Maybe?! Come have to admit it was totally awesome and way fun! Our seat were on turn 4 and when David Stremme hit those barrels we were just watching and I have the photos!! heehee. He was fine otherwise I wouldn't have chuckled. I am still living on a high from it! I took 127 photos. Huh...did I watch the race or just photograph it? Oh...I told my sis I would give up a body part to be the photographer shooting thru the fence cut-out. ahhh...Or to be up on the platform with the TV crews. But the best news....Jeff Gordon took SECOND!! Sure he would have been in 4th if the leaders hadn't run out of gas but everything works out as it should, right! LOL GO GORDON!!!

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Amy Jo said...

Okay, I admit....I had a blast!!! Not sure if I would be considered a "fan" or not, but the experience was great! I would definitely go again. And next time I'll be sure to put sunscreen on my scalp is FRIED!!! LOL