Friday, June 12, 2009


IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!! I'm freaking out!!!!! I'm so darn excited I can hardly stand it! Zander's watching qualifying, right now! Need to head to the store soon to make up "snacks" for ....wonder what they call it??? PIT-GATING?! LOL or TailGating?
Amy Jo, I'm making something "LIGHT" just for you! My special Salsa!! Get some BAKED TORTILLA CHIPS and you can enjoy it too! Freeze some water bottles too. SUN BLOCK, EAR PLUGS, TICKETS! Don't forget them!
See ya tomorrow Sis! Wahooo!!! So gonna have fun. I will make you a Nascar Nut yet!

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Amy Jo said...

As much as I don't want to admit it....I'm excited too!! We are bringing snacks for Pit-Gating also and I will be sure to bring me some "baked" tortilla's for your dip. See you tomorrow!