Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arisu Template

So I bought this template and I have been scared to death to try it! LOL I finally just decided that I wanted to do it up and give it to my BFF's Nephew (whose wedding I just shot) and his new bride. I LOVE IT! There are 73 pictures on here! Can you believe it?! When I bought it you could get either the template or the action. I have no clue how to use actions so...I went with the template. Now I am thinking I should have got the actions after spending HOURS uploading those pictures and resizing them. UGH...Why do I do this to myself!? LOL I hope they love it for the amount of time it took to create. I am going to print it 8x10 and figure out something to put on the bottom edge so they can hang it up. Gotta get my thinking cap on.

1 comment:

Amy Jo said...

Totally Freaking Awesome!! They would be crazy not to love it!