Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm happy to report that I am finally losing again! I was at a sluggish point over the holidays. I didn't gain but I didn't lose either. BUT remember, winds of change...they be blowing!

I am officially at 36.4 pounds GONE! I've lost a toddler from my body!! ahh...I just wanna hit 40 gone so bad I can almost taste it. I'm not sure why? Other than I have been stuck in the 30's for so long and I am sick of it. I wanna be able to say, I have lost over 40 pounds on WW! I'll get there! I know that! Slow and steady wins the race! This is a lifestyle change and nothing more. So if it takes me two be it! But I do see my Sister's Wedding date screaming at me sometimes. Or is that really just my Sister herself screaming at me? Hmm..


Amy Jo said...

You always give me a good laugh!! You already look so amazing that I'm not even worried for you. I bet in a couple more weeks you will break that 40lb barrier. But, like you said....slow and steady.

Shell said...

YOU GO GIRL! I weighed in when I got back from NZ - and I was up - however most of that was in my ankles and feet - the curse of flying!

Weighed in yesterday morning and had lost 5.5 pounds overnight *LOL* - met my 2 week goal in 12 hours!! Wii was worried about me! So I set a new goal.

Hoping by the end of the weekend - I will have a true reading of my weight - when all the ankle puffy etc has gone down.

I know despite eating lots of fave goodies in NZ I did lose some weight - so will be interested to see just how much.

Today though is the FIRST day of being *back into it* for real for Mike and I. No more naughty yummy things - and back into the exercise groove!

Ha!! the word verification for this comment is Conin. That's me CONAN the BARBARIAN!! AA'll be Baack

Susan Catmull said...

Go Rach, Go Rach. Awesome job sista.
I also didn't gain any during the holidays but didn't loose either. So I guess that's good. I'm stuck at 95 lbs lost but still need that darn last 10 off my bod. Thanks for the constant reminder that if we just keep it up it will be gone sooner or later.

scrap with style said...

Congrats Rach - keep up the GREAT work! You CAN do it!

listgirl said...

Congrats on keeping on with the weight loss!

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Lilach Oren said...

Congrats Rach!! You did such a great work!!
God luck on skinny #3!

Wendy said...

You can do it! Yes you can -Yes you CAN!!