Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember the winds of change?

Well, I told you they were blowing. My work schedule has been put in a blender on puree. I am still only working 2 days but I am now on a floating schedule. I think I am really going to enjoy it. I'm ready for a change. Well, sorta, kinda. I mean, I wasn't looking to quit and go to a new office but I was ready to mix up my days a little. And this is it. Time will tell if I really like, I guess. I felt really good today though to know that the boss was willing to keep looking for another RDH if I wasn't willing to mix up my days. That meant a lot to me. So, starting in Feb. my schedule will be different each week. I have my days for the whole month of Feb and I will notify my family and friends with that schedule so you can keep up with me! wink wink

So yep, the winds of change blew! And so far, I like it! Let's hope the scale is kind to me on sunday for the skinny jeans weigh in! Last week it hated me. grr..and frankly...I was ready to take a hammer to IT.

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Izzy said...

Happy New Year! and good luck with the floating schedule, I'm sure you'll like it.