Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Swan Creek Candles

well I have a new love! My coworker bought me one of their candles for my birthday. Gingerbread. Well, I found out they have REFILL kits!!! You save $5 by buying the refill kit vs. a new candle. Hey, $5 is $5! And it was fun! Took me 5 min, if that, to do it. I am thinking it would be fun to pour up some small containers to use as shower gifts! Oh AmyJo...I have a project for use! LOL

Anywho...just wanted to share what I did this morning. Needed something to cheer me up. I woke and know why I have been feeling "out of it". UGH...No wonder I couldn't get enough to eat the last couple of days! LOL Mystery solved!

I get my stitches out today. Yippee. I'm sick of not being able to wear my strap up. I feel lopesided. I think I might dust off Photoshop today. Maybe. It haven't touched it in a while and it's been sorta nice. But I think I have a few designers who might be wondering where I am.


Amy Jo said...

You'll get plenty of Photoshop once we start the invitations, etc. haha!

Shell said...



what huh??

what did I miss???