Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365 revisit

My plans are this: I am going to attempt to do a photo a day. No plans, no pressure. I feel like right now my direction/focus is weight loss and I have to stick with my JOURNEY. If I do not make a photo a day, I will still have weekly photos of ME and my journey! I can only handle so much and I am taking over Skinny Jeans 3 so that is going to be my main focus.

I have a designer retiring this month and I am going to scale back the rest. I need to keep my energy on the REVEAL. It's my mission. It's what I am all about and I want to do it for ME. I am kind of tired of doing things for everyone else first. I've done that ALL my life and I ready to make ME a priority. I sounds so selfish when I type it out. Does it really come across that way to others or am I just being too sensitive about it? This is all new, uncharted territory for me. So I am not sure if I am saying it right or presenting my feelings in the proper way. I mean let's face it, I am a MOM first and foremost. So of course my children will be a top priority, as will the hubby. But all the EXTRA stuff is just that to me now, Extra. I still enjoy helping others and will never be able to let it all go but the winds of change are blowing.


Amy Jo said...

Well I hope by "EXTRA stuff" you don't mean my wedding....I'm pretty sure I need your help. Let's say your priorities are...You, Kids, Hubby and then sister Amy Jo...K...mmmmkay!

RealRach said...

You're a DORK! That's WHY I have to make ROOM!!! Priorities!

scrap with style said...

Winds of change blowing here too!