Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Betsey T.

You are such a stinker. I didn't know you had a birthday this month. I was reading some old emails and say something about you having a Nov. Bday. So I did a bunch of searching and found out it was the 11th. So I missed it. I am soooo sorry! Here's YOUR layout! Enjoy. Hope it was as special as you are. Thanks so much for the friendship and the laughs. Miss you...dimpled butter ball!


Wendy said...

OK, Give it up Rach, when is your B-day? Since it's in november!

Happy Birthday Betsey!!!

Shell said...

Ok why are all these people hiding their birthdays!!!

Harrumph.. you are making me grinchy and you don't want that!

Rach said...

Monday, the 26th.