Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Gosh...I can't believe how busy I have been. I can't seem to come up for air. I am free this afternoon and I am going to watch my Soap...Days of our Lives...and just do some mild picking up. Then I want to get my scrapping stuff ready for this weekend. I also want to back up my computer. I have gotten some new downloads and I want to get them saved before....oh, let's not go there.

I have been trying to keep myself busy and keep my spirits up. This is a very difficult time of year for me personally and I just want to stay "healthy". Gloomy days lead to gloomier days for me. So I am smiling and thinking happy thoughts to keep the gloom away!! So far so good!

I got some really awesome news today at the school...Someone (unofficially) got all A's!!! But I can't share that info yet because it has not been officially posted. I can't stop smiling. PRIDE...it's a good thing!! More info to follow on that subject after the news is posted officially.

My little Sophie Girl is getting spayed and declawed today. Well, it's over with and she is staying overnight at the vets. I want to go see her but I know I shouldn't. I miss her loud purrs and rubbing on my legs when I come home.

We have parent/teacher confrences tomorrow night!!! I love them! Oh...more good news....William and I were reading together, as we do each night, and I can't believe all the words he can now sound out!! I am so proud of him. There are still so many students who are struggling with letter recognition, let alone reading!! But that's the benefit of a mommy who works part-time and cares! Gosh...I have got some great kids!!! MORE SMILES!!!


Shelley Moore said...

That's awesome Rach! It sounds like things are going well at school - looking forward to hearing more about it!

I'm so jealous though - it sounds like you've gotten SO MUCH accomplished... I still feel so far behind. You wanna come here and work my list? I'd let ya, LOL!

Have fun at your crop! I need to get my laptop backed up too ...

Amy Jo said...

I agree...you have magnificent kids:) Congrats to both the boys on the report cards. I'm so proud of them.

Izzy said...

Sounds like things are going really well all round! Have a great time at the crop :)