Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy National DIGI Scrapbook DAY!!!

How totally cool is this!! A day for us digi gals!! YIPPEE!!!

Having shown my love for digi over the past few months, I will now tell you all that I am going to my first CROP as a cropper next saturday!! I am actually going to work on some paper crafts. I want to rid myself of my supplies so I am going to make up some stuff to sell at my open house. I want to push my paper supplies out the door. So if any of you paper gals are looking for something, I have it all marked at 50% retail or more!

I am taking today to proclaim my digi love!

Yes, I will be taking my laptop with me to the crop!! It only has LT on it but I plan on putting all my Krystal Hartley STUFF on a CD so I can have access to it there too!

I have a few photos to share from halloween. But later. It's lunch time now...

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Shelley Moore said...

Go YOU! For going to a crop to work on things! It took a long time to get myself to working on my own things - but it is really fun to do once in awhile, LOL!

I am branching into digi, but I am still hooked into paper :) But I've always been a late bloomer, LOL