Friday, November 16, 2007

Fall in Michigan

Sonja posted some pictures of fall in Texas on her blog so I wanted to share what it looks like out my window. The big tree is actually in my neighbors yard and then a view of our back lot with the dogs running. It in the mid 30's here and I have no desire to go out to rake. So I guess a wind storm needs to happen so it blows away.


SonjaRod said...

Gorgeous colors! I miss fall up north so much! Looks like raking leaves is a big job at your place - I miss having a large lots to let our doxie pups run crazy!

Izzy said...

I love the colors when the leaves change in fall. Luckily for us we live in a complex that has a gardener so I don't have to rake the leaves :)

Jan said...

Beautiful!!! I love when the leaves change colors! It's such a peaceful look to the earth.